About Flywheel

Creating landmark events that bring together all of what makes Tulsa great, with a spotlight on music, art, tech, and food.

Flywheel Events was founded by Phil Kaiser and Scott Carr as a non-profit through the Tulsa Community Foundation to bring together and amplify what is already amazing in and about Tulsa.

Flywheel’s latest annual music concert event, Big Ride & Big Bite, takes an already amazing Tulsa event, the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough, and builds upon it to enhance and amplify the Tulsa experience during Saturday night. With the Big Ride music concert event taking kicking off when the Saturday races finish, it provides a greater celebration throughout the races. In Big Bite, Flywheel presents an amazing VIP experience during the Saturday race that brings together a festival of Tulsa food & drink along with curated Art and Technology exhibits. In partnership with the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough, look for even greater Flywheel presented experiences in the years to come!

Flywheel also supports and sponsors growing area events where other organizations are bringing even more to Tulsa. In 2022, Flywheel sponsored the inaugural Dreamland event, and in 2023 Flywheel was a sponsor of Carneyfest.

Flywheel Tulsa will continue pulling together Tulsa’s best to provide the iconic Tulsa experiences.


Scott Carr, Co-Founder

Scott Carr is an experienced executive in business media and events worldwide, and has managed technology, digital media, and corporate sales across a number of organizations. During his career, Scott pioneered the first advertising model for Interactive TV for the first cable set-top boxes, and was an early member of the Association of Interactive Media (AIM). Scott went on to invent the first national ad sales implementation of targeted advertising and program delivery in a cable system multi-headend environment. Scott was awarded patent US US6209129 B1 · Issued Aug 25, 1998 for this invention. Using his understanding of audience and demographics, as well as his management experience in event companies, Scott’s efforts to help lead Tulsa based events began with being a volunteer and Director for the Route 66 Marathon, and he went on to manage operations and vendors for the Center of the Universe Festival. Scott has a BS in Computer Science, and a Master’s in Information Technology with an emphasis in Project Management. He has been a member of the Tulsa CIO Forum for nearly 20 years, and is on the planning committee for the Oklahoma IT Symposium. Scott also is a speaker on technology, trends, and cyber security at events regularly.

Phil Kaiser, Co-Founder

Phil Kaiser has co-founded and run several restaurants and a nonprofit music festival. Born and raised in Tulsa, Phil moved to Israel in 1985 where he served in the IDF, earned a BA in Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, got married and started a family. After opening Jerusalem’s first Internet Bar in 1996 and operating it for six years, Phil and his wife, Miranda, sold the business and moved their family to Tulsa in 2002, where they opened Cosmo Café in 2004 and Laffa – Medi-Eastern Restaurant and Bar in 2013. Also in 2013, Phil co-founded Tulsa’s nonprofitCenter of the Universe Festival. Currently, Phil organizes music, art, tech and food events and serves on a number of nonprofit boards and committees centered around Oklahoma and Israel. He and Miranda have three grown children and two cats. They enjoy both traveling and returning to Tulsa, and eating in other people’s restaurants.